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Nickel Elemental Nickel
Atomic No. - 28

Naturally occurring nickel is composed of five stable isotopes; 58-Ni, 60-Ni, 61-Ni, 62-Ni and 64-Ni with 58-Ni being the most abundant one.

The History Says

The first nickel coin of the pure metal was made in 1881.

The Present Scenario

Nickel is extracted from its ores by conventional roasting and reduction processes which yield a metal of >95% purity. Final purification to >99.99% purity is performed by reacting nickel and carbon monoxide to form nickel carbonyl.

Nickel is a silvery white metal which takes on a high polish. It belongs to iron group and is hard, ductile and malleable. In nature it occurs combined with sulfur in millerite. In mineral miccolite, it occurs with arsenic and in nickel glance with arsenic and sulfur.

Native nickel is very rare in nature and is always alloyed with iron. For example, iron meteorites contain 6% to 20% nickel. It forms in serpentinized ultramafic rocks from low-temperature hydrothermal activity.

Native nickel was discovered in the year 1967 in samples from Bogata in New Caledonia.

Physical Properties of Nickel

Phase Solid
Color Bluish white
Luster Metallic
Transparency Opaque
Density (near room temperature) 8.908 g/cm3
Liquid density at melting pointLiquid density at melting point 7.81 g/cm3
Melting point 1728 K (1455°C, 2651°F)
Boiling point 3186 K (2913°C, 5275°F)
Heat of fusion 17.48 kJ/mol
Heat of vaporization 377.5 kJ/mol
Heat capacity (25°C) 26.07 J/(mol-K)
Cleavage None
Fracture Hackly
Streak Gray metallic
Hardness 4 - 5
Specific gravity 7.8 - 8.2 (heavy even for metallic)

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