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Galena Lead Sulfide
PbS Galena is the primary ore mineral for Lead. Galena in its chemically purified form is known as lead sulfide. It is one of the most abundant and most widely distributed sulfide minerals. The crystals of galena are usually cubic and sometimes octahedral. Often it is associated with minerals sphalerite and fluorite.

The word 'galena' is derived from a Greek word 'galene,' which mean 'lead ore.' It was worked for its content of lead since 3000 BC. Sometimes galena deposits also contained significant amount of silver as an impurity and it was then the most important ore of silver in mining.

Galena group is composed of minerals with similar isometric structure and related chemistry. It is similar to the structure of halite. Members of the galena group are as follows:

Occurrences of Galena

Varieties of Galena

Health Warning with Galena

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