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Earth science
It is a type of geological science which deals with the physical aspects of earth, like the formation, structure, and phenomenons. It also includes the subjects of rocks and minerals.

Earthy (fracture)
It is a term used for those minerals which loose sandstone after being exposed to stress. The term is also used in describing the crumbling property as a type of fracture.

Earthy (luster)
It is a term for the luster which describes minerals that are microcrystalline or amorphous, having very poor reflective surfaces.

It is a term used for loosing water and developing a white powder.

Certain minerals when put into stress bends and again return back to its original positions as the applied stress is released. This is due to the tenacity in the mineral. Sometimes it is also referred as "flexible and elastic." In case of flexible minerals, they do not return to the original position.

It is the negatively charged particle of an atom which resides in its outer rotational layers.

It is the classification of atoms. The different atoms are grouped as elements with its distinguishable properties specified for each one. Element sometimes also refers to a substance with only a single type of atom in its structure, like copper, made with no other substance. It is known as element. Periodical table of elements is the layout of all the elements.

Element (group)
See native elements (group).

Embedded crystal
It is the crystal which is implanted in rock and only can be extracted if part of the rock is removed.

Embedded formula
It is a chemical formula which is reduced by means of division, like Si3O12 can be reduced to SiO4 with the help of the lowest common divisor.

It is a term used to describe a mineral which do not have a consistent crystal structure i.e. it transform back and forth into its paramorph in suitable conditions. Monotropic minerals cannot transform. They change permanently.

It is the growth of a crystal of one mineral over the crystal of another.

It is a term used for equal in length, width, height, and angles.

Undergone the process of erosion.

It is a process where the rocks are worn away from natural procedures, like water and wind.

Undergoing through the process of evaporation.

It is the process where the water and moisture rises up to the air, forming vapor.

It is a sedimentary rock which is mainly composed of minerals produced by evaporation, basically from an enclosed body of seawater or a salt lake. The minerals that are formed in this way are gypsum, rock salt, and various nitrates and borates.

Even (fracture)
It is a term for a type of mineral fracture which forms a smooth and flat surface.

It is a term for extracting a valuable constituent from its ore.

It is one of the three types of macerals which make coal.

It describes the igneous rocks which have been formed by the solidification of magma on or above the Earth's surface.

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