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Sunstone Sunstone or can be also called Heliolite, is the State Gem of Oregon, a prime source for this beautiful gem. The name Heliolite has been derived from the Greek 'helios' and 'lithos,' which mean 'sun' and 'stone'.

Sunstone is metallic in appearance and comes in red, orange or green colors. However, cleaner red sunstone is very rare and it commands true gemstone prices. The stone is a composition of oligioclase feldspar which also contains hematite or goethite. The presence of hematite or goethite creates a reflections of light, hence the name sunstone.

Sunstone is formed in molten lava and is discharged onto the surface with the help of a volcano. The lava weathers away or is broken. Fine crystals of sunstone is then released. The Oregon sunstone is found with copper in it which is the cause for the range of colors in the stone from water color to yellow and many shades of green, red and pink.

In ancient times, this stone was used by natives for barter. It was also believed by the Vikings to be a talisman for navigation. Today, it is widely linked with human being as protective energy. It lends extra energy at times of stress or ill health. Claims are also there that it can assist contemplative processes and bolster the energy level. The hardness of the stone is 6.5 - 7.2 on Mohs scale and density 2.62 - 2.65.

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