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Sugilite (Hemi)

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Sugilite Hemi Sugilite is named after a Japanese mineralogist, Dr. Ken-Ichi Sugi, who discovered it in the year 1944 on the Iwagi Islet in Japan. The stone comes in pale to dark purple color and contains black, reddish brown and yellowy patches. Sometimes it also referred to Luvulite and Royal Lazelle. It belongs to the hexagonal crystal system.

Sugilite is becoming very popular in the jewelry trade. It do not form well shaped crystals but is generally massive. Mostly it is used for ornamental and semi-precious stone purposes. The polish stones are usually opaque and have an almost waxy luster.

It is said that sugilite helps in strengthening the connection between mind and body and helps in dealing with negative energies. It stimulates the crown chakra and helps to open all the chakras for the movement of Kundalini energy. It is the perfect stone for meditation.

Sugilite is found in in Iwagi Island, Shikoku, Japan as well as Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada and most importantly in South Africa. It is also found in the regions of Australia and Italy. Its specific gravity is 2.74 and hardness 6 - 7 on Mohs scale.

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