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Spectrolite Spectrolite is a variety of labradorite which displays intense reds, oranges and yellows and even blues and greens. These different colors are due to the light interference by thin lamellae, in parallel layers, within the spectrolite. The color play in the stone is iridescent as in the feathers of a peacock or the Northern Lights. It appears like a flash of light in the darkness.

The stone belongs to the plagioclase feldspar group, which is a series of mixtures of sodium and calcium aluminum silicates. It was discovered in 1940 during World War II by accident. When stones were quarried, during the war, along Finland's eastern border for making antitank obstacles, spectrolite was found. Today, it is the national stone of Finland. Professor Aame Laitakari, then Director of the Geological Survey of Finland, named the stone, which seems to be a derivation of spectrum.

According to believes, spectrolite brings strengths, originality, aids sleep and brings good luck. It is said to represent "Temple of the stars." It brings the light of other planetary beings to the soul of one who uses it. It is also said to provide immediate relief from anxiety, hopelessness and depression. It gives enthusiasm, self-confidence and inspiration. People also call it "The good luck stone."

Spectrolite is found in Labradoe, Madagascar, India, Newfoundland, Finland and Russia. The astrological signs of the stone are Scorpio, Sagittarius and Leo. Its hardness is 6 on Mohs scale and specific gravity 2.70.

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