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Rubellite Rubellite (Rubelite), a rare variety of tourmaline, comes in red color. It is more valuable than any other varieties of the red tourmaline. The name has been derived from the Latin word "rebellus," which mean "reddish." In gem trade, it is also known as "red tourmaline."

Unlike other gemstone, rubellite do not change color under different light source. It shines brilliantly in both natural as well as artificial light. Sometimes it is treated with fillers to increase the clarity of the stone.

Pink rubellite is believed to bring love and friendship. It is thought to be the stone with feminine energy. Red rubellite is said to instill courage and strong will power in the wearer. Watermelon colored rubellite balances the male/female energies and it stimulates the Heart Chakra. Natural healers use this rubellite to heal heart and emotions. It also reduces nervousness and anxiety.

This, most desirable stone, is mostly found in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria and Pakistan, and even in few locations in the United States.

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