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Morganite Morganite, probably the best-known member from the beryl group, comes in many fine shades. The very fine pink color of the stone emanating charm, esprit and tenderness acts as a pure attraction, all over the world, for women. It was simply known as "Pink Beryl" previously.

In the year 1911, Morganite got its identity. It was renamed by New York gemstone expert G.F. Kunz in the honour of banker and minerals collector John Pierport Morgan, thus the name Morganite.

Apart from pink, the stone is also found in slight orange hue or tending more towards purple. Whatever be the shade, Morganite helps person to focus on the brighter side of life even during the times of high stress. Its property, as a healer, the stone is considered to be used as the antidote to cure the problems caused by hectic modern life. It relieves stress and provide clarity combined with pleasant feeling of relaxation, peace and joy of life.

Morganite occurs in the regions of Brazil, Madagascar, California, Maine, Connecticut, and North Carolina in the US. Its hardness is 7.5 - 8 in Mohs scale and specific gravity is 2.71 - 2.9

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