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Chrysoprase Chrysoprase is the most valuable stone in the chalcedony group. The microscopic fine quartz fibers in it have a radial structure. Its green color is the result of staining by nickel oxide compounds of the stone.

The name chrysoprase has been derived from a Greek word "chrysos prason," which mean gold leek. It is said to be a "Victory Stone." In the 18th century, as said, thieves used to become invisible by keeping the stone in their mouth.

Chrysoprase gemstone is of very fine translucent green color and texture. It is sometimes mistaken for green Imperial jadeite. With many similarities with jadeite, chrysoprase is sometimes marketed as "Australian Imperial Jade."

The hardness of the stone is 6 1/2 to 7 and is known for its specific metaphysical characteristics. It sooths headache and loneliness, promotes emotional balance and grants inner strength and peace. It also lead a person to greater confidence and give relief to gout, eye problems and mental illness.

The stone occurs in serpentine rocks and in weathered materials of nickel ore deposits as nodules or fillings of clefts. Australia (New South Wales region), Brazil, India, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Russia (the Urals region), Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, and California has a good deposit of Chrysoprase.

Techinical Specification

Specific Gravity
Refractive Index
Chrysoprase 6.5 2.58-2.64 Hexagonal None 1.544-1.553 Up to +0.004 None V Weak None

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